Membership Application

Section 1 - About You:

We need the following information to set up your membership.


Section 3 - Optional:

You may choose to add a login name and password  for your account if you wish.   This will allow return at a later time and review your membership, event registration, purchases and donations.   This is an option for your convenience.   If you choose to not use this option at this time but would like to add it at a later time, we can help you set one up when you wish.  

Section 2 - Membership:

Please select your membership option.    An individual membership is for one person.   A household membership is for up to two people residing at the same address.

If you would like to have your membership automatically renewed each year and be the membership fee to charged to your credit card, please check the auto renew membership. 

If you choose a household membership we assume that you are the main household contact.   You will be given the opportunity to add another household member if you wish.

Section 4:

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